Our dance community has come a long way since its humble beginnings in comparison to our west coast counterpart. Local fall season competitions in New Jersey such as Seton Hall’s FLASH DTC, and NJIT’s Reign or Shine hosted by FSA lured talent from New York City and Philladelphia to compete with the NJ dance community.

BU Fusion’s Elements Showcase (before its transformation into a fully fledged dance competition) attracted these dancers, and the surrounding Tri-State area, to showcase their talent in Boston, and raise up the Boston community.

The best of the best with the most competitive drive usually made the trip to Culture Shock D.C.’s East Coast Dance Competition, to compete with the best of the D/M/V (D.C./Maryland/Virgina) community as well as other east coast regions like, Florida to mark the end of the East Coast dance season.

Although preceded by local competitions and exhibitions such as the aforementioned  and followed by the creation of amazing events such as ΠΔΨ & ΚΦΛ’s Pride, FR3SH Dance Company’s The Main Event, and 21XL’s World Of Dance NYC, the first MAJOR Urban Dance Competition to attract dancers from all across the East Coast — including neighbors from Chicago and Canada — was none other than Prelude EC held at Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, NJ on APRIL 19, 2008.  For the first time, choreography-based teams came together and competed under HHDA rules in front of an audience of thousands.

This year, thanks to the efforts of Tony Calub and Project D Dance Company of Bergenfield, NJ, Prelude EC is going down, once again — this time, on December 4, 2010.

Prelude EC’s new date marks itself as one of the first important dance competitions to start the season, second to BU Fusion’s Elements Dance Competition, which actually starts the EC major dance competition season in November. This past year, Elements X was held on November 14, 2009 and attracted a plethora of talent to exhibition, compete, and judge the reformed event. This year, ELEMENTS XI will be the “prelude” to PRELUDE EC this year.

However, the main attraction behind the PRELUDE Series has been their success with attracting amazing talent such as The Company, APT, and CADC (all repeat first place winners of Prelude) in California with their NorCal and SoCal divisions, respectively. Today, the series expands not only to the EC, but to the Midwest, New England, and Northwest regions as well.


“The goal of the Prelude Dance Competition Series is to support Dance Communities with a competition focusing and showcasing their local & regional hip-hop dance groups, dance companies, and the overall dance community. Through the success of the event, we hope to enrich, strengthen and improve the east coast dance community by supporting the individual dancer and/or dance group.”

ALL East Coast teams are invited to compete / perform.  REGISTRATION IS STARTING NOW – CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION FORM.

Check the Facebook Page and pDstyle for more details as they roll in.

  1. We are an italian dance school
    Is it possible to have information about this compettion?
    Thank you very much

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