ROCKO takes over the NJ/NYC area

Starting this FRIDAY, ROCKO LUCIANO of the Boxcuttahz from MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, Season 3 will be in town! Been wanting to take a class from him but couldn’t afford the trip to California? Well you’re in LUCK! Here’s the 3 spots he’ll be at this weekend. [FRIDAY] BOOGIEZONE NJ (6-8PM) PARAGON BALLROOM. 291 … Continue reading


IT’s the start of yet another weekend, and this weekend is yet again filled with DANCE! This weekend…KABA MODERN, BOOGIEZONE, BEAT FREAKS, and MORE!

Got your…FANNY PAK?!

FANNY PAK of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2 will be in the NJ area this weekend! And you know what that means… a weekend of CLASSES and WORKSHOPS!

Break…DANCE! not hearts!

This FRIDAY, check out the OG dance competition that helped start the dance scene in the NYC/NJ area.  FLASH Dance Troupe of Seton Hall Univ brings you their annual dance team competition (previously known as FLASH DTC) with a TWIST! This competition differs from their previous versions being that there is only one winner! Top … Continue reading


IT started with Prelude EC. Then there was the Jabbawockeez event (kinda). Then the advent of PRIDE. The MAIN Event soon followed after. (and even rumours of Battlefest NYC are popping up).  So whats next? WORLD of DANCE. Say what?! VIMBY – World of Dance YES. We said it. WORLD OF DANCE is coming to … Continue reading


When we think of taking class on a weekend, the thought is pretty sickening, unless it’s a fun class like art or something of that sort. This weekend, however, is packed with loads of dance if you’re craving for a plethora of classes. More after the jump…

BZ NJ Vid Recap: Rambo Ramos

Thanks again to Rambo “edward” Ramos for coming out and teaching NJ an amazing piece to Ne-Yo’s So You Can Cry!


With the buzz of this past year’s hi’s and lo’s, we say goodbye to 2008 — “BYEBYE!” — and hello to 2009 — “HELLO!” For the month of JANUARY, we start off the year strong with the first BOOGIEZONE NJ hip hop CLASS for the 2009 year!

TOYBOX comes to NJ!

CATCH him at Boogiezone NJ Class this DEC 19th! MEET TOYBOX Jonathan Bronner.. (A.K.A).. Toybox was born in Pomona, California in 1986. He was introduced to raves and underground house music parties at the age of 17. Toybox was inspired by the dancers at these events and fell in love with the music and … Continue reading


MEET JOESAR ALVA Joesar Alva has been dancing since he was a little boy. After learning to wave from his father, he slowly taught himself more and learned some of his own tricks. In December 2005, Joesar joined Future Shock DC. Immediately that following February, he continued his training as he auditioned for Culture Shock … Continue reading

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