THE Exec.  Board

from LEFT to RIGHT:

Bernie Armendi [exec. director]
Jeff Laconico [artistic co-director]
Steven Armendi [artistic co-director]
Myron Merced [media director]
Patricia Dayleg [treasurer]
Charmaine Malabanan [events coordinator]
Ian Urbina [secretary]
Marwin Lustre [company class host, director of newgroundz]
John Almiranez [director of newgroundz]
Jonkristoffer Bisda, [Public Relations Director]

[ Project D ] Dance Company 2009

Not Pictured:
Raymond Chan



2009.11 Pride II Dance Competition (1st place)
2009.11 BU Fusion presents… Elements X: A Hip Hop Dance Competition (2nd place)
2009.07 Kollaboration NYC (2nd place)
2009.06 World of Dance NYC (2nd place)
2008.11 Pride Dance Competition (1st place)

Workshops & Classes
2009.08 I AM PHRESH Workshop (Philladelphia, PA)
2009.07 Boogiezone Community Class (Roselle Park, NJ)
2008.07 Boogiezone Community Class (Alhambra, CA)

Stage Performances
2009.11 Fordam University’s APAC Asia Night
2009.08 Meadowlands Expo: Philippine Fiesta (Secaucus, NJ)
2009.07 Blender Theater: White Affair (New York City, NY)
2009.05 SCAT Productions: Beat Freaks & Quest Crew Show
2009.04  Team Millennia presents…PRELUDE EAST COAST (New York City, NY)
2008.11 Fordam University’s APAC Asia Night (New York City, NY)
2008.11 Team Millennia presents…PRELUDE NORCAL (San Mateo, CA)
2008.07 SCAT Productions: Jabbawockeez Showcase (Jersey City, NJ)
2008.08 Meadowlands Expo: Philippine Fiesta (Secaucus, NJ)
2008.08 Bea Alonzo Showcase  (Secaucus, NJ)
2007.08 Meadowlands Expo: Philippine Fiesta (Secaucus, NJ)
2006.08 FLASH DTC 2006 (Seton Hall Univ.)
2006.05 Regine Velasquez  Showcase
2006.08 Meadowlands Expo: Philippine Fiesta (Secaucus, NJ)
2005.08 FLASH DTC 2005 (Seton Hall Univ.)
2005.08 Meadowlands Expo: Philippine Fiesta (Secaucus, NJ)
2005.06 Six Flags Great Adventure Dancefest (NJ)
2005.02 Ramapo Ms. Philippine Pagent (Ramapo, NJ)

PDSTYLE WEB team extention (more to come)

New England Chapter
16 Responses to “The FAMBAM”
  1. xkev0h says:

    eric looks like usher lol
    but niceeeee job with the picatures

  2. pauline says:


  3. regina says:

    HEY!! wen will i be a fambam?!

  4. the INCREDIBLE HULK says:


  5. reeenieee says:


  6. regina says:

    what the heck?! y am i off to the side? LMAO
    NICE JOB!!

    -fufu kuddly puffs 4 life

  7. ireeniee says:

    i tried out too!

  8. Randy Purino says:

    i would like to get the contact info’s of who’s in-charge of the group. my name is Randy Purino and we are promoting filipino talents across the U.S and the Philippines. the reason why is because we are running a basketball league in Jersey City NJ called F.O.U.L ( Filipino Organizations Unity League) we have teams from NY and NJ area. i would like to incorporate our league with the talents that you guys have. if your interested or willing to help build up our filipino talents pls email me at

  9. Kevin Min says:

    Omg, those guys are all so hott

  10. ricki b says:

    Hey its ricki

    you guys were great at kollaboration,keep up the good work. I am considering taking a class with you.

  11. pdstyle says:

    This PAGE IS UPDATED as of Sunday, November 08, 2009.

  12. ian says:

    damn myron. work that keyboard. lol.

  13. regina says:

    dear fudge i hate my picture xD WORK

  14. John says:

    Rich isn’t on hiatus anymore! and i’m assistant director for ngz haha.

  15. Julie says:


  16. Ashley Tien says:

    I would also like to get in contact with the person in charge of performances and workshops. My name is Ashley Tien,and I’m one of the co-chairs of Asian American Sisters in Action (AASIA), a politically active Asian American organization at Mount Holyoke College. We saw a performance at BAASIC 2010, and we would like to bring Project D to Mount Holyoke for a performance style workshop. I can be reached at

    Ashley Tien

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