You know you’re a dancer when…

  • the whole world stops when your MP3 Player runs out of batteries
  • you start to groove once you hear a good beat.
  • the word wooooo means much more than it seems to be.
  • you orgasm when you see a nice open floor.
  • you understand that ancient native dancer tongue…”boom..boom ta…kakaka….hit….jump…
    turn…boom….boom ta..snare snare…high hat…booom ka…ka……ka…booom…hit…..milk…milk….BOOM TA.”
  • you think it’s okay to throw your shoe at someone when they’ve done something GOOD.
  • a song from a previous or current set comes on at a department store, you hear it from a car as you are walking down the street, or at a club the automatic dancer response is “aaayyyyy/ohhhhh SHIIITT….*does choreography*”
  • ur friends start tellin u to stop cuz its gettin kinda old (^-^)
  • u see holes and rubbed off material on the knee areas of ur pants
  • ur ipod contains a list with either “choreo” or “dance” in its name
  • u think ur room shrunk because u keep hitting ur bed or desk or random books while dancing randomly (^-^)
  • u hafta keep buying clothes and shoes and accessories for performances cuz u wanna look good
  • you feel weird about missing practice
  • you say that jun quemado sang the song Mad
  • you dance at a drinking party
  • every clothing that you buy has to be danced in first at the store in front of a mirror
  • a mirror becomes your favorite furniture
  • you dance and choreo at work
  • you call out of work just to dance
  • your shirt size becomes a size up that you normally wear
  • dancing becomes your second girlfriend =)
  • you fall in love with it.

Feel free to post up your response! All you have to do is fill in the blank…

You know your a dancer when ____

9 Responses to “You know you’re a dancer when…”
  1. David says:

    You know you’re a dancer when you realize Shane Sparks is the only one that knows what he’s talking about on ABDC. And that Lil mama needs to go.

  2. newgroundzkiddo says:

    You know you’re a dancer when somebody automatically responds, “Oh, he/she’s at practice…” when somebody else wants to know your whereabouts.

  3. Ken says:

    You know you’re a dancer when you find it hard to sleep… because choreo is running through your head. ALL THE TIME.

  4. Ken (again) says:

    You (also) know you’re a dancer when you like tortilla chips… you REALLY like tortilla chips.

  5. heffalumpx says:

    you know you’re a dancer when your coach tells you, “you suck today because dance is in your head.”

  6. DJ Sanchez says:

    To Ken: They way they crunch, the way they dip, dag I like tortilla chips.

  7. IseanseanI says:

    you know you’re a dancer when you suddenly like songs you didn’t like before just because you saw a rili good piece done to it(even though the lyrics is just crap).

  8. Sophia says:

    Hardly any of these really described how a real dancer’s life is. Here’s what it’s REALLY like:

    You know you’re a dancer when…..
    -Your feet are calloused and blistered and you still wear flip-flops because you’re proud of the way your feet look.
    -You have classical music on your ipod because, after listening to it in ballet class all the time, you started to like it.
    -The other people at your studio aren’t just your friends-they’re you’re family.
    -You hurt your legs, ankles, or feet and still push yourself to be better than ever.
    -You have seen at least 3 versions of the Nutcracker
    -You know that most people that dance in those movies and TV shows that are out are absolutely TERRIBLE at it.
    -You know that hairspray isn’t just for hair.
    -You hate stretching, but do it every day because it’ll make you a better dancer.
    -You’ve missed school because of a dance event.
    -Your weekends are spent at the studio.
    -You dance until your shoes literally have to be duct taped together.
    -You just read the original list (not this one I just made) and it made you angry.

  9. Casey says:

    You know you’re a dancer when you improvise dances to every song on your iPod- even the slow and depressing ones.


    You know you’re a dancer when your excuse for everything is “Sorry, I have/had dance.”


    You know you’re a dancer when B+ is not a grade on your report card, but a standing position/

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