Reminder For Sunday: Genuine Dance Company Workshops

Genuine Dance Company Workshops: Shoey Sun & Mark Choi

PRIDE 2: Dance Competition @ RUTGERS NB

ITS been almost ONE year since the first PRIDE Dance Competition presented by Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, INC and Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, INC. at Rutgers University New Brunswick campus. Excitement for the event has been building since they first announced the event slated for OCTOBER. As well as everyone in the NJ/NYC scene has … Continue reading


This Saturday and Sunday, NJ and NYC will be bringing you a lot of options for dance! Click the JUMP for this weekend’s tour de jour of DANCE!

project: EC history

our dance community is finally becoming a….DANCE Community. But how do you keep track of knowing who is known for what? …Simply put, how will every team understand each other and what they’re all about?


14 dance teams of the tri-state area (and DMV area) are coming together for one of the most anticipated dance competitions to hit the east coast, to date. Where will you be? Fr3sh Dance Company’s The Main EVENT, hosted by Bryan “boogiemind” East of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2’s Boogiebots, will be this saturday, … Continue reading

You know you’re a dancer when…

the whole world stops when your MP3 Player runs out of batteries you start to groove once you hear a good beat. the word wooooo means much more than it seems to be. you orgasm when you see a nice open floor. you understand that ancient native dancer tongue…”boom..boom ta…kakaka….hit….jump… turn…boom….boom ta..snare snare…high hat…booom ka…ka……ka…booom…hit…..milk…milk….BOOM … Continue reading

SiC Mid Season Auditions

ITS JANUARY, and mid-season auditions are out! Recently, FR3SH held their mid-season auditions for the whole FR3SH Umbrella. Now, SERCis Company a.k.a SiC has their auditions coming up soon. This up and coming dance company has been making news since its conception. This year, they’ll be well fitted for the next line of competitions in … Continue reading


So with SUCH a rise in our growing dance community, what is there to look forward in the year of 2009? There is a couple, PRELUDE EC 2009 for one, but this FEBRUARY, be on the lookout for FR3SH Dance Company’s first ever annual dance competition, the MAIN EVENT.

afterSHOCK: PRIDE Dance Comp.

This year’s first ever PRIDE Dance competition held at the Nicholas Music Center on Douglass campus of Rutgers New Brunswick was a great success! SIX teams (RDT, SiC, Hip Hop Theory Evolution, iTOP, Project D, and BamBoom) all competed for a Grand Prize of $1000. With such a high stake at hand, the competition was … Continue reading


click on flyer for more info And its coming sooner than you think…SATURDAY, NOV 22nd, is the day when crews from all over the tri-state area come to compete for one thing: PRIDE. Showcase Performers: M.L. aka My Life Fr3sh Dance Company Fr3sh Juniors Competitors: Phunktions Hip Hop Dance Company RAPS Dance Troupe SERCisCompany iTop … Continue reading

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