BU Fusion Senior Workshops: May 2, Providence RI

BU Fusion Workshops @ Brown University: Sunday, May 2

Boston: Rocko Luciano, Kyle Hanagami, Brandon Dumlao

April 24, Boston: Rocko Luciano, Kyle Hanagami, Brandon Dumlao

MIT Presents: FOOTWORK 2010

MIT Footwork 2010: 7:30 PM @ Kresge Auditorium

Boston: Vibes’ FemiNINE + Workshops

BU Vibes FemiNINE: Saturday, March 27

Boston: Project K Exhibition + Workshops

Project K: Showcase (Feb 6) & Workshops (Feb 7)

Haiti Dance Workshops: Part 2

Haiti Workshops Part 2: 2/5/10, 4:00-10:00 PM


CONGRATS TO ALL! EC you DID A FINE JOB! Static Noyze Project D Ridonkulous Follow whats being said about elements X! http://twitter.com/#search?q=elements%20x FR3SH’s tumblr is also leaking pictures throughout the night! http://fr3shonline.tumblr.com/ UPDATE. MORE Videos are starting to leak. FACEBOOK: FUSION: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1191125892636&ref=nf SOREAL CRU: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1191130172743&ref=nf YOUTUBE What you get if you search ELEMENTS X Thanks to Kara … Continue reading


So here at pDstyle, we’ve been getting a lot of feedback asking WHY are they only 2 teams REPRESENTED on our EC HISTORY page. The answer is really simple. Last FEBRUARY this past 2009 YEAR we had posted an OPEN INVITATIONAL to get your story heard. Post is here: https://pdstyle.wordpress.com/2009/02/26/project-ec-history/ We had it up for … Continue reading

First BU FUSION Classes of the YEAR

BU Fusion hasn’t been wasting any time at all since the start of the season. Here’s some footage of their first class of the year. AND IT IS DEEP! If you’re in the area near Boston University, then you should definitely hit these guys up!

Prelude EC 2009 is coming

One of the most anticipated dance competitions on the East Coast, Team Millennia brings the Prelude Dance Competition Series BACK. PRELUDE EC DANCE COMPETITION 2009. Prelude Norcal and Socal 2008 successfully showcased the best hip-hop teams on the West Coast. Now it’s time to show-off the BEST EAST COAST TALENT. Prelude EC 2009 Dance Competition will display the creative abilities of various hip-hop dance teams from the State of New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida and Massachusetts. This also includes new emerging teams from colleges, universities, independent dance teams and dance studios.

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