IMAGINE a unified dance community that constantly aspires to inspire: to attain new levels of expression — a positive atmosphere where emerging talent feeds off of other talent. It’s a place where new talent is born, and the talented are reborn. Imagine a close knit dance community that constantly evolves exponentially on a macro scale. Imagine yourself becoming an essential component to the most daring movement ever conceived. Ever.

SYNERGY hopes to achieve all this by organizing the largest INTER-team dance workshop ever in NJ, and possibly the east coast. This upcoming every other month event creates an opportunity for all teams within the tri-state area — and possibly the east coast — to network equally and provide opportunities for choreographers of other teams to put their choreography skills on display towards other teams. This trade convention of quality choreography would put everyone on the map in terms of ability and therefore inspire others to better their dance skill –THUS raising our dance community’s dance level significantly: through unity.


Log on to for everything project_D on top of your east coast dance connectivity news.

MORE INFO TO BE POSTED UP SOON. CHECK BACK for more updates and rotations!

“THE East Coast Dance Community is going to explode.”–Annonymous
*updated 2008.11.25*

[SYNERGY – the Choreo Pool] (pending)

  • Liz De Guzman
  • Karlo Soria
  • Katrina Badiola
  • Angelita Del Rosario
  • David Arroyo
  • Sam Guirnela
  • Jeff Manosca
  • Mark Garcia
  • Edwin Escaro
  • Mark Choi
  • Steven Armendi
  • Jeff Laconico
  • Myron Merced
  • Brian Lanier Henninger
  • Maurice Dean
  • Jake Pesquira
  • Jorge Aguas
  • Shoey Sun
  • Ben Fullon

*Want to be a part of the choreo pool? Want to put your skills on display for the empowerment of our dance community? Think your moves can inspire? Then shoot us an email to with the subjectline SYNERGY! I’m Interested!

*UPDATED 2009.08.22*
[SYNERGY – summer QTR]

*Note this event is NON-profit. All proceeds go towards funding for the selected hall in use. All money made in excess gets rolled over to help cover hall fee for the next SYNERGY. Excess funds may also be donated to a charity or cause of our choice! (Any suggestions?)

One Response to “SYNERGY 2009”
  1. WOOOOO!! this looks so dope! thank yall for puttin this out therE!

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