for SUMMER-WINTER 2010 Season

Thank you so very much to all of you who auditioned and for all of you that came out to support the auditionees at the SUMMER-WINTER AUDITIONS for the 2010 competition season of Project D (a.k.a. stage 8)! It was REALLY such an amazing turnout and we were blown away with all the talent that came out of everyone local and far. Unfortunately, we were not able to take all of you, but please do not get discouraged as competition was VERY VERY INTENSE this year. Your hardwork was recognized by the judges and the decision process was a long and difficult one. We hope you all enjoyed the audition experience with Project D and we encourage you to continue your passion to dance. See you in the WINTER of 2010-2011!


Executive Board

Bernie Armendi – Founder/Executive Director

Steven Armendi – Artistic Director

Jeff Laconico – Artistic Director

Ian Urbina – Secretary

Myron Merced – Media Director

Marwin Lustre – Captain of Defined Movement

John Almiranez – Assistant Captain of Defined Movement

Charmaine Malabanan – Events Coordinator

Patricia Dayleg – Treasurer

Jonkristoffer Bisda – Public Relations

Company Members

  1. Alvin Togonon
  2. Greatch Banaag
  3. Kat Secretaria
  4. Mark Matarlo
  5. Mark Cimafranca
  6. Lexine Deluca
  7. Golda Gozum
  8. John Baluyut
  9. Justin Liwanag
  10. Matthew Sila
  11. Katie Ocampo
  12. Romeo Estrada
  13. Jessica Melvin
  14. Richard Blackwood
  15. Regina Lustre
  16. Melissa Garing
  17. Stephanie Capili
  18. AJ Delgra
  19. Mikey Tanayan


  1. Miguel Patawaran
  2. Joseph Ancheta
  3. Michael Danila
  4. Gordon Chen
  5. Teresa Lee
  6. Jose Lamarque
  7. Rachel Enriquez


  1. Raymond Mendoza
  2. Mark Leszczyszak
  3. Luis Guillen
  4. Denise Rendor
  5. Sean Norton

All company members, trainees, and scholarship inductees are to report to rehearsal on SATURDAY,  JUNE 19, 2010 at 10AM SHARP at Step by Step DanceSport, INC. Rehearsal ends at 1PM. Each member will sign an addendum to the audition contract (handed in on pre-audition/audition day) upon conditional acceptance. All non-returning company members from last season are required to surrender all incurred dues before secession of their season. There will also be company class taught from 2-3PM.

*If your name is on the list, please create a new gmail and email with it (if you don’t have a gmail already). This applies especially for all new trainees and scholarships.

**Those who haven’t been interviewed have yet to be decided and are currently pending.

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    updated as of june 17, 2010 at 3:32 AM

  2. gigi.lustre says:

    yay!! congrats 🙂

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