Saturday: Electro Soul Satisfaction/The Bridge 2 Poppin & All Styles

DC STAND UP: Studio G, The DC Dance Collective, and present a combined event – the second annual Electro Soul Satisfaction / The Bridge Competition!!!

Project D July 2010 Class Schedule

EVERY TUESDAY, 7-8 PM: Master Class w/ Steven Armendi & Jeff Laconico

EVERY THURSDAY, 7-8 PM: Beginner Class w/ Golda Gozum & John Baluyut

EVERY SATURDAY, 2-3 PM: Open Level Class with Melissa Garing (7/17), Richard Blackwood (7/24), Gigi Lustre (7/31).

pDstyle interview with BUDDHA STRETCH

Don’t get your history twisted. Budda Stretch really SETS YOU STRAIGHT. ABOUT HIP HOP ABOUT BUDDHA STRETCH

BYSK: Brooklyn Terry tells it how it is

  AMEN. Style or NOT, the OG says it best. Dance.

Cambridge, Mass: Sheryl Murakami & Alonzo Williams

This Sunday, October 25, The Dance Complex in Cambridge, Mass. will be hosting Sheryl Murakami (Beyonce, Thalia) and Alonzo Williams (Rhythm City, ABDC Season 4) for a series of workshops.  If you’re in the Boston area, these are a great way to round out the workshop weekend after the Bulletproof Fubes Project workshops! Check the … Continue reading

dynamiQ faction! tonight on BET!

DynamiQ Faction humbly asks for your support tonight as they make their TV debut on BET!!! 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesday Wed. Feb 4th 6pm ET on BET! Live voting from 6pm – 8pm ET on HOW TO VOTE for DynamiQ: (1) Log onto between 6:00pm-8:00pm ET on february 4th (2) Find … Continue reading

project d company class: collabo edition – 2


You know you’re a dancer when…

the whole world stops when your MP3 Player runs out of batteries you start to groove once you hear a good beat. the word wooooo means much more than it seems to be. you orgasm when you see a nice open floor. you understand that ancient native dancer tongue…”boom..boom ta…kakaka….hit….jump… turn…boom….boom ta..snare snare…high hat…booom ka…ka……ka…booom…hit…..milk…milk….BOOM … Continue reading

SiC Mid Season Auditions

ITS JANUARY, and mid-season auditions are out! Recently, FR3SH held their mid-season auditions for the whole FR3SH Umbrella. Now, SERCis Company a.k.a SiC has their auditions coming up soon. This up and coming dance company has been making news since its conception. This year, they’ll be well fitted for the next line of competitions in … Continue reading


So with SUCH a rise in our growing dance community, what is there to look forward in the year of 2009? There is a couple, PRELUDE EC 2009 for one, but this FEBRUARY, be on the lookout for FR3SH Dance Company’s first ever annual dance competition, the MAIN EVENT.

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