Interview date is scheduled to Tuesday, June 15th.

For all new comers (that means anyone new to Project D, or did not dance with us last season), please come in at 6PM sharp. Please wait outside the studio in the foyer (the area with the unused front desk) until you are called inside.

All current Project D Dance Company members from last season are to report at 5PM. We will talk to
you as a whole (COMPANY). New comers will be called in groups of four (or five) for interviews after our 5PM slot is done. FINAL CUTS will be made, and final roster will be posted up in the next work days.

This interview is MANDATORY.

Please report to the studio at your scheduled call time.

AJ Delgra

Alvin Togonon

Amanda Brimat

Charles Espinoza

Denise Rendor

Elyzamarie Damaso

Ian Urbina

Golda Gozum

Gordon Chen

Greatch Banaag

Jessica Melvin

John Baluyut

John Almiranez

Joseph Ancheta

Jose Lamarque

Judy Galang

Justin Liwanag

Justin Marin

Kathleen Ocampo

Kathryn Secretaria

Kelly Lacuin

Kenneth Estrellas

Lexine Deluca

Luis Guillen

Mark Cimafranca

Mark Leszczyszak

Mark Matarlo

Martin Raagas

Mathew Sila

Melissa Garing

Michael Danila

Michael Tanayan

Miguel Patawaran

Mohammed Balatero

Rachel Enriquez

Raymond Mendoza

Regina Lustre

Ricardo Davis

Richard Blackwood

Romeo Estrada

Stephanie Capili

Sean Norton

Teresa Lee

Please plan accordingly. If you have a scheduling conflict, please email us immediately at

This is NOT the final roster.

One Response to “CALLBACKS”
  1. Igor says:

    I would also like to take me dancing hip hop. But can take me. I am hard of hearing. I speak German and I can also speak good English.
    If you take Involved.
    I enter an address:
    Igor Weber
    Brunnengasse 2
    95 186 Höchstädt i.F.
    In Germany
    Tel: 09235/3080026
    Hand from my mother: 01747/198447

    I hope that I would like to learn dancing. Did mimachen on big stage. Please can see me from giving you or write a letter.

    Thank you!
    Best regards, Igor Weber

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