Although preceded by local competitions and exhibitions such as Flash, Reign Or Shine, and Elements, and followed by amazing events such as World Of Dance NYC, The Main Event, and Pride, the first MAJOR Urban Dance Competition to attract dancers from across the East Coast was none other than Prelude EC in 2008. For the first time, choreography-based teams came together and competed under HHDA rules in front of an audience of thousands.

So who is UFP?


Probably the biggest current mystery in the NJ dance community since the first rumors of FR3SH Dance Company’s last performance and eventual disbanding at Funkanometry’s Sockhop 2010 is the sudden appearance of a NEW NJ based dance team, entitled UFP. Coincidence? You can think so, Sherlock. Not much is known about this up and coming team … Continue reading


World of Dance NYC 2010 FINAL Flyer

WORLD of DANCE –deemed the ultimate dance festival — comes back to the Big APPLE, New York City, on Saturday, MAY 29, 2010 at BROOKLYN TECH.


Project D Dance Company’s FIRST OF THE MONTH series kicks off PD’s MONTH of MAY classes with this month’s issue featuring special guest STORM LEWIS of E.P.I.C. Motion from NYC. Storm is quite known for his positivity and philanthropy in the tri-state dance community and also has established Dancers with Heart (DWH) –a non-profit organization … Continue reading

FOTM: Jake Pesquira

Jake Pesquira of Queens, NYC’s DYNAMIQ FACTION teaches this SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 2010 for Project D’s FIRST OF THE MONTH series. JAKE PESQUIRA [DynamiQ Faction, Queens, NYC] Born in Cebu, Philippines and raised in Queens, NY; Jake has been experienced as a former P.A.R.E. Modern dancer and choreographer, Former Co-founder and Co-Director for FLO Dance … Continue reading

NJ in the UW

Project D Dance Co. Alumni (artistic co-director 06-07) and NJ native, Richard Garing has been a bi-coastal dancer training with Project D and other east coast teams in his off season and dancing for the Seattle, Washington State dance community during his collegiate stay at University of Washington (UW). Besides that famous company class video … Continue reading

NJ invades the BAY!

UPDATE: Amanda Suk and Shoey Sun’s FUNK SF Class FR3SH & BZNJ’s Cindy Ho @ De La Femme Co. Class

ABDC Season 5: Crews Revealed

ABDC Season 5 East Coast Announcements

“GorillaStyle, Guerilla Tactics”

“GorillaStyle, Guerilla Tactics” is a new series production brought to you by the collaboration of Carlo Gracias (the main man of Manila Gorilla), Michael Suitkace Capito (NYC’s Bboy Suitkace) and Ryan HyDROponikz Abugan (Hydroponikz the MC). The new video series showcases the best of known and unknown talent in Hip-Hop located in the Tri-State Area!


Carlos Mare 139 Rodriguez is an internationally acclaimed artist/sculptor and pioneer in the art and culture of Hip Hop. This masterpiece located on Allen and Delancy Street in NYC is his original concept work and credit goes to him (as well as the photo). The translation of the painting into this huge massive advertisement goes … Continue reading

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