Although preceded by local competitions and exhibitions such as Flash, Reign Or Shine, and Elements, and followed by amazing events such as World Of Dance NYC, The Main Event, and Pride, the first MAJOR Urban Dance Competition to attract dancers from across the East Coast was none other than Prelude EC in 2008. For the first time, choreography-based teams came together and competed under HHDA rules in front of an audience of thousands.


E.P.I.C Motion

E.P.I.C Motion (Energy and Passion Inspiring Collaborative Motion) E.P.I.C. Motion (formerly known as IFA Dance Team) is a dance team made up of students who came together out of a common desire to express themselves on a larger stage outside the dance studio. Its members embrace individuality which is one of the driving forces behind … Continue reading


So I’m a little tardy on posting this event info up…buttt. WE HAVE WINNERS! And they are. Rhythmology (NJ) Hip Hop Theory (NY) IFA Dance Team (NY) RHYTHMOLOGY HIP HOP THEORY IFA Dance TEAM AND PICTURES too! *Props to janeybebz, xthaquietstormx, and ifadanceteam09 for the youtube coverage. And special props to Kenneth Reyes for … Continue reading

REIGN or SHINE ver. 4

Oh YOU DIDNT KNOW?! NJIT’s REIGN or SHINE, hosted by FSA, will be held this SATURDAY, NOV. 8th, 2008 from 7PM until 12AM. If you’re an NJIT student or can get tix on presale, then you’ll only have to drop $5, otherwise, be ready to dish out $10 to watch the show. For any pre-sale … Continue reading

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