Sunday: VEN15 feat. MAD MEN Workshop

On Sunday, June 27, Creative Image Studios will be hosting the VEN15 featuring MAD MEN workshop from 1:30-7:00 PM. Cindy Ho and Katrina Badiola from VEN15, and Darryl Belarmino and Philip Geniza from MAD MEN will be teaching. Details after the jump.


Boston: Vibes’ FemiNINE + Workshops

BU Vibes FemiNINE: Saturday, March 27

BZNJ presents the BADIOCA treat.

Boogiezone NJ kicks off the back to school fever with an awesome collabo team. FR3SH’s famous brother and sister combo — Carlo Badiola and Katrina Badiola — will be collaborating tonight (SEPT 25) to teach their first ever Boogiezone NJ class. If you’re familiar with both or either of their styles, then you know you’re … Continue reading

Summers almost END, but dance is NOT

When August rolls around, it only means one thing for most of us dancers — BACK to SCHOOL! However, you and I both know that the schoolin’ to be the best dancer you can be does not stop…at all. This weekend marks a crazy weekend of auditions, workshops, and classes.

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