East Coast Class Schedule: July 17-19

East Coast Class Schedule – July 17-19

NJ class schedule: june 20-21

As always, there are a ton of classes going on this weekend.  Here’s a few: SATURDAY, JUNE 20: Project D will be holding classes at Step By Step Dance Studio in Bergenfield, NJ from 1-3 PM.  Continuing the collabos are Melissa Garing & Steven Armendi (1-2 PM, Beginner / Intermediate) and Jeff Laconico & AJ … Continue reading


Come throw down as much heat as you can bring to the competition. INCINERATE EVERYONE in the inferno of your undeniable AWESOMENESS of dancetastical skillifications and get crowned the new HOTNESS of Dance!!!! GUNS, BULLETS, FIRE, BLOOD AND WAR SHIT!!!!! RRRRAAWWRR!


End of summer means…end of the summer season, and the start of the school season — fall, winter, spring. IT also means, its time for AUDITIONS. UGGHHH DO WORK SON. LES GO! THREE teams on the NJ map are having their auditions pretty soon — SERCis Company, Rhythmology, and Project D. How soon? Like in … Continue reading

boogiezone in NJ!? you bet.

Yes the rumors are TRUE! BOOGIEZONE has expanded to the EAST COAST! first at BDC in NYC…then Miami, FL…now New JERSEY?! Elm Pizzaro you’re a beast. Catch the first BOOGIEZONE CLASS on FRIDAY, SEPT 12, 2008 at 6:30PM (REGISTRATION is 6PM and you’ll want to come on time if you’re a FIRST TIME STUDENT!) at … Continue reading


RHYTHMOLOGY HAS WORKSHOPS this FRIDAY, AUGUST 15. DON’T miss taking class with Bryan “Boogiemind” East of BOOGIEBOTS crew from AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW, SEASON 2!!! http://www.new.facebook.com/event.php?eid=22561839747&ref=ts CLICK FOR THE FACEBOOK EVENT GROUP!

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