Saturday: Electro Soul Satisfaction/The Bridge 2 Poppin & All Styles

DC STAND UP: Studio G, The DC Dance Collective, and present a combined event – the second annual Electro Soul Satisfaction / The Bridge Competition!!!

April 30, Brooklyn: Chicken and Beer IV

Chicken & Beer IV – April 30, Brooklyn Lyceum, Brooklyn NY.

“GorillaStyle, Guerilla Tactics”

“GorillaStyle, Guerilla Tactics” is a new series production brought to you by the collaboration of Carlo Gracias (the main man of Manila Gorilla), Michael Suitkace Capito (NYC’s Bboy Suitkace) and Ryan HyDROponikz Abugan (Hydroponikz the MC). The new video series showcases the best of known and unknown talent in Hip-Hop located in the Tri-State Area!


Carlos Mare 139 Rodriguez is an internationally acclaimed artist/sculptor and pioneer in the art and culture of Hip Hop. This masterpiece located on Allen and Delancy Street in NYC is his original concept work and credit goes to him (as well as the photo). The translation of the painting into this huge massive advertisement goes … Continue reading

Weekend Events: New England, July 31 – August 2

New England July 31 – August 2: Craziness.

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