World of Dance NYC 2010 FINAL Flyer

WORLD of DANCE –deemed the ultimate dance festival — comes back to the Big APPLE, New York City, on Saturday, MAY 29, 2010 at BROOKLYN TECH.

PRIDE 2 results.

PRIDE 2 is TODAY. Here’s a sneak peak at whats happening now. Check back for results. (Credit to MeridenV for the twitpic) UPDATE. Here are the results.

“GorillaStyle, Guerilla Tactics”

“GorillaStyle, Guerilla Tactics” is a new series production brought to you by the collaboration of Carlo Gracias (the main man of Manila Gorilla), Michael Suitkace Capito (NYC’s Bboy Suitkace) and Ryan HyDROponikz Abugan (Hydroponikz the MC). The new video series showcases the best of known and unknown talent in Hip-Hop located in the Tri-State Area!


CONGRATS TO ALL! EC you DID A FINE JOB! Static Noyze Project D Ridonkulous Follow whats being said about elements X! FR3SH’s tumblr is also leaking pictures throughout the night! UPDATE. MORE Videos are starting to leak. FACEBOOK: FUSION: SOREAL CRU: YOUTUBE What you get if you search ELEMENTS X Thanks to Kara … Continue reading

event recap: body rock 2009 (featuring fr3sh alumni)

Out on the West Coast, another important dance event played out this past Saturday: Body Rock.  Started as Bustagroove 10 years ago, Body Rock has become one of California’s iconic events.  PDStyle’s Myron Merced & Ken Estrellas caught up with Fr3sh alumni Kristina Latonio (SGBM) & Karlo Soria (PAC Modern), & frequent East Coast visitor … Continue reading

event recap: world of dance NYC

World of Dance Tour NYC

WHAT DO you think about your/our east coast community?

VOICE YOUR ULTIMATE OPINION! What do you think about your local dance community? What do you think about your EAST COAST DANCE COMMUNITY? YOUR OPINION COUNTS. LEAVE your response as a comment on this POST! We want to know what (and how) our dance community thinks!

PRELUDE EC! the after effects

PRELUDE EC 2009! What a show! Thanks and congratulations to all the teams that made it out this year at NYC. And your winners for this year’s competition are… Rhythm City (Bronx, NY and Main Event Champions) Rhythmology (Bergenfield, NJ) 8Count  (Montreal, CA) Something to note* that really got my attention since Main Event Most … Continue reading


So for those of you who didn’t make it to the Main Event this past FEB 28th, you missed out! TOP3 posted below with vids. UPDATE. Vids are slowly turning up on Youtube by typing in “main event” Rhythm City Capital Funk EPIC Motion CONGRATS TO the WINNERS and GREAT JOB to all the Participants! … Continue reading

Myron Marten announces WOD NYC

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