pD Workshop: Jenny Valles (KM) & Geo Lee (KM Alumni, Instant Noodles)

JENNY VALLES (Kaba Modern | Irvine, CA)
Jenny Valles was born in Los Angeles and moved to New Jersey where she spent her childhood years. She was introduced to dancing at a very young age watching her brother and his friends spin on their backs on the living room floor with MTV blasting in the background. Upon returning to Los Angeles in her teen years, the rampant Hip Hop culture sparked her interest in street dancing.

She began training at Homeland Cultural Center in Long Beach, California at the age of 15 where she was introduced to waackin’ and lockin’. At the age of 18 she trained under Culture Shock Los Angeles’ Lockin’ Crew, where she gained valuable experience and insight that helped her grow. She has also entered numerous jams in the Los Angeles area, being a semi-finalist in Homeland’s Lockdown 2008 as well as X-mas Funk Sessions for waacking. In the summer of 2008, she won Undadog’s One Popper-&-One Locker, alongside her brother Justin “Jet Li” Valles.

Jenny continues to be inspired by her brother, her closest friends, the dancers she’s met along the way, and the entire KM family. For Jenny, Kaba Modern is a dream come true, as it is a place where she can contribute her love and passion for dance.

GEO LEE (Kaba Modern Alumni, Instant Noodles | North Hollywood, CA)
Geo Lee began dancing in Taipei, Taiwan in high school with several of his crew members from Instant Noodles. Attending UC Irvine for his undergraduate studies, Geo had to opportunity to dance for Kaba Modern from 2006-2008, where he also assumed Coordinator position with Allison Vicencio and Andrew Simbol in 2008. Through Kaba Modern he was able to enrich his dance and choreography experience while also actively training with his crew Instant Noodles. Today, he currently resides in North Hollywood, California and is signed with DDO Artists Agency, and continues to perform, compete, and teach, while representing Instant Noodles to the fullest. With roots as a b-boy and hip hop choreography experience, Geo hopes to create a unique, musical, and soulful breaking style that will entertain his audiences.


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