Project D FIRST OF THE MONTH: Amanda Suk x Shoey Sun

DOUBLE UPDATE: We have their class vid up!


UPDATE: The class that we scheduled for FEBRUARY 6th but was cancelled due to snow is NOW MOVED to FEBRUARY 20th. So if you had your heart set on going, you can still make it next week and take class with SHOEY SUN and AMANDA SUK!


Once again, Project D is bringing you the First Of The Month Community Class, “giving you a new way to get to know your dance community”.  This month’s teachers will be Amanda Suk (Fr3sh Dance Company, E.P.I.C. Motion) & Shoey Sun (E.P.I.C. Motion). Class is this Saturday, February 6, at Step By Step Dancesport in Bergenfield, NJ, 2:00-3:00 PM, $5. Check the details below or at the Facebook event.


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