From The Facebook Event:

“Part of Essence’s “A NEW MVMNT TOUR 2009“, dedicated to inspiring the growth of the dance community as individuals and as a whole.

The Rhode Island Community of HipHop (RICH), a group collaborating to nourish the hiphop dance community here, has worked with Essence to bring you this workshop FREE OF CHARGE. This is a rare opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. We hope you all come out.

We encourage you to take to heart the message of Essence’s mission statement…:

Inspire and Be Inspired.”



Date: Monday, November 23, 2009

Time: Registration @ 6:30 PM.  Class 7:00-10:00 PM.

Location: TF Green Hall, Room 205.  7 Young Orchard Avenue, Providence RI 02912

Instructors: Gigi Torres (SYTYCD Ukraine & Scandanavia, Richard Tanumi), April Rodriguez (Kaba Modern Legacy, Boxcuttuhz), Cheryl Koo (Other Duck CEO, Snoop Dogg)


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