So here at pDstyle, we’ve been getting a lot of feedback asking WHY are they only 2 teams REPRESENTED on our EC HISTORY page. The answer is really simple. Last FEBRUARY this past 2009 YEAR we had posted an OPEN INVITATIONAL to get your story heard. Post is here:

We had it up for quite awhile above all the new posts just to remind you guys that we were still doing it. During that time, “Sam the Locker,” who actually took the time to recount the history of R.E.S.E.T. and post it up on FaceBook as a public note, was the only response we received. The video of Rhythm City, after they exploded into our ever growing dance scene, was conveniently out there on youtube already–easy! So the rest of the East Coast Dance Community, where are you at?! (ALL OGs, DANCE TEAMS and CREWS, choreo, freestyle, etc).

LUCKILY, if you don’t have the time to put together a THOROUGH written history of your team (including beginnings, merges, break ups, etc.), then we have a sweet alternative for you.

Ken Estrellas, New England Chapter

Our very own Ken Estrellas, from Brown’s iMpulse dance team and pDstyle’s New England Chapter, will BE in BOSTON at BU Fusion’s ELEMENTS X: A Hip Hop Dance Competition with his super awesome HD Cam taking behind the scenes footage as well as TEAM HISTORIES of ANY TEAM willing to SHARE THEIR STORY for pDSTYLE at ELEMENTS X!

Yes. That means if you’re really not adapt at providing written accounts of things, and live story telling in front of a camera with your team is more of your thing, then lets do IT!

BTW, if you don’t know who Ken Estrellas is, he’s a pretty snazzy Videographer extraordinaire. Some of his work can be found at as well as those random pdstyle videos at Body Rock with Karlo Soria, Kristina Latonio, and Brian Puspos

So remember this face with his lethal HD cam equipped on his person if you want your story heard. You might have to find him since he’ll be running around trying to find everyone else!

Also, if you can’t find Ken the day of, our good friend Bernie Armendi will be also be walking around with his HD Cam asking teams to spill the beans on their team history. Click his name to see who we’re talking about (first picture on the left on the fambam page).

And most importantly, HAVE FUN in BOSTON, East Coast Dance Community!

  1. Ken Estrellas says:

    DUDE my camera’s not HD >_<

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