The EC-UP on ABDC4

If you haven’t been up on the just released MTV news, then east coast, you need to listen up! MTV has just released the line up for ABDC Season 4, and you’ll be pretty proud of the results, especially for our NJ/NYC and D.C. area

Here’s who MTV picked to represent our EAST COAST!
(Cited from  MTV Remote Control Blog)

BEAT YA FEET KINGS (Washington, D.C.) – This D.C. crew will take the stage with their very own dance style called “Beatin’ Ya Feet.” Their performances consist of a unique mix of footwork that could make them unstoppable. Although their style is currently only known around the D.C. area, the Kings believe they have created something the rest of the world should see and catch up to. Featured on “It’s Showtime at the Apollo” and an MTV inauguration special, they are slowly making their way into the public eye. Combined with their fresh style, this crew also exudes humility and, when they need it most, a hard energy that could make them champions.

Beat Ya Feet Kings will be the 2nd D/M/V area crew to represent the East Coast on ABDC Season 4. As the name suggests their style is a raw east coast flavor of fancy footwork only found in their area. The only concern with Beat Ya Feet Kings is their possible mixup with their name sounding something a like with the Beat Freakz or being mistaken another Status Quo, or associated as another Ringmasters, which should not be the case. However, after the first episode, lets hope that the public audience has enough decency to put two and two together.

FR3SH (Matawan, NJ) – With a unique blend of jazz and funk, Fr3sh infuses a sense of humor into their choreography and compare themselves to the movie “The Breakfast Club,” priding themselves on being rowdy and rebellious. Their mix of sarcasm, humor, cockiness and raw talent could take them all the way to the top.

This has been FR3SH’s third time to audition for ABDC, and as third time’s the charm, they’ve made it! Of all the NJ teams that have auditioned in the past seasons, there is no doubt that majority appeal has always wished FR3SH to represent their homestate on the show. All they’ve accomplished since the beginning has lead to their biggest break yet. Lets hope they rep NJ to the fullest, NJ ALL DAY!

RHYTHM CITY (Bronx, NY) – Struggling on the streets of the Bronx with little to no familial support gave Rhythm City no other option than to stick together, and they intend to use their original style from the Bronx – “the birthplace of hip-hop” – as a secret weapon. The crew has placed highly in an array of dance competitions including Invasion, Blazin’ the Stage, The Main Event, Switzerland’s Dance 2 Dance and, most recently, they won first place at Culture Shock EDC. From living in foster homes to surviving abuse, exposure to life on the streets has taken its toll on each member. As a result, crew leader Alonzo Williams created Rhythm City, a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting kids off the streets and involved in dance.

Rhythm City has been in existance for awhile in the NYC area, but it is only this year that they’ve blown up in the NJ and D.C. scene with their first place wins from the Fr3sh Dance Company’s MAIN EVENT, Team Millennia’s PRELUDE EC, and Culture Shock D.C.’s East Coast Dance Competition (previously known as bustagroove). This has been their 2nd time (or third time?) auditioning for ABDC. Their raw and energetic appeal has made us think twice about what dance really is and what performing is all about. Everyone on the East Coast has your support Rhythm City, so do it big!

VOGUE EVOLUTION (New York, NY) – The first openly gay crew to ever compete on the “ABDC” stage, the five members of Vogue Evolution are out, proud and determined to live their lives the way they want to. Their distinctive “vogue” style of dance mixed with hip hop makes this crew unique, along with working to educate others on AIDS/HIV awareness. They hope to touch everyone watching with their outspoken flare.

Vogue evolution, as the name suggests will be the first vogue styled crew to make it onto ABDC season 4. Of course what better crew to represent the house dance style of vogue than an east coast crew that helped establish the underground vogue scene. The Group members are Malachi Allure, DaShaun Evisu, Pony Zion, the Amazing Prince Milan, and the Spectacular and Marvellous Leyomi McQueen (Former Mizrahi). If any of you are real dancers, then you know that this dance and culture is serious business and is only appreciated by the truest of dancers. “Vogue Evolution will be all kindsa drama that America will love. By the end of season 4, the word ‘Woooorrrk’ will mean much more than that part time job.” — Annonymous

3 Responses to “The EC-UP on ABDC4”
  1. I’m going to have to link to this post but anyway… I LOVE FR3SH FAM THEY ARE THE SHIIIIZZZZ!!! Fr3sh is my freaking inspiration for dance!!!

    Rythm City is also DOPE because I saw them and their performance at The Main Event where I think they placed FIRST!!!

    Lastly Vogue Evolution betta WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! And represent for the Voguers on the East Coast!! Betta play some freaking JAY KARAN PENDAVIS! I’m kind of sad that they are not in sync that well but they are going to rep the scene.


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