WHAT DO you think about your/our east coast community?


  1. What do you think about your local dance community?

  2. What do you think about your EAST COAST DANCE COMMUNITY?

YOUR OPINION COUNTS. LEAVE your response as a comment on this POST! We want to know what (and how) our dance community thinks!

2 Responses to “WHAT DO you think about your/our east coast community?”
  1. 1. This is a complicated question, since in a way I consider myself part of 2 dance communities. When I’m at home in NJ, obviously I’m part of a really big community I can be proud of. When I’m at school in RI, I have contact with the Boston area (it’s only an hour away), but it’s only recently that crews have started to come together and interact, and our scene has started to grow. It’s a small community, but one that I hope will become stronger in the future ^_^

    2. =D. Nuff said. Let’s just say I’m proud to be on the East Coast!!!

  2. Blaze says:

    1. i believe that the local community is growing each day. classes at local studios are great to help dancers grow and find their own style which is what i like.

    2. the east coast community as a whole..hmm i believe that we need more choreographers from the east coast teaching boogiezone NJ classes. we have some talented dancers in the east coast but not of them get the respect they deserve. i also think that there should be more teachers actually teaching students how to dance and not just teaching 8 counts. the east coast can be amazing and we’re almost there. we need to start dancing to the music and letting the music control our movements. they are groups that have a certain style about them, i think that every group should have a little bit of everything but also letting the music choose their style.

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