project: EC history

Another dance team?!

No! It’s something better! With the rise and advent of new teams and the evolution of established teams in our respective areas, our dance community is finally becoming a….DANCE Community. But how do you keep track of knowing who is known for what? How do you know what team came from who? How are new teams going to be understood by established teams? Simply put, how will every team understand each other and what they’re all about?


We here at pDstyle felt that with the rate our community is growing, the timing could not have been any better to establish an ongoing chronicle to constitute our community history. An idea first suggested by Tristan Cabalar of the Hip Hop Dance Association, the calling was to organize an open book of dance community history that encompasses the beginnings of teams, their milestones, breakups, resolutions, and major developments. Eventually, the need for history necessitated action to be executed.

Our proposal is to create a project that will collect all of the historical background of every dance team represented in the East Coast, that will accurately document the connections between different EC communities, and will be continuously documented on this website under the link entitled: EC HISTORY (coming soon!) The forefront of this project will be headed by our very own, Angelita Del Rosario! *claps*

How can you help?

Two ways. If you would like to be included into our historical log, please email us your most accurate team history to


  • How your team first started and began
  • Any lines of relation/communication established between your team and others
  • Did the team break off? Did it consolidate and absorb another team?
  • Has the name been changed?
  • Milestones for the team, etc.

Or if you see Gigi on an almost daily basis, then definitely don’t be shy to come up to her and talk about your team history! (She’ll be curious! I promise!)

The success on this project is really dependent on you, the dancer, the team, and the community.

2 Responses to “project: EC history”
  1. Amanda says:

    “If you see Gigi almost on a daily basis….” Man those people must be lucky…i NEVER get to see that girl…
    Gigi…look at you getting your academic on…worrrrk.

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