pDstyle INSIDE: DynamiQ Faction

If anyone caught it on BET last week or so, DynamiQ Faction was one the first teams in our dance community to break spotlight on BET’s Wild Out Wednesday. We managed to catch Jake Pesquira of DynamiQ Faction post broadcast day and get his thoughts on the whole entire experience.


pDstyle: First of all, how did DynamiQ Faction get a spot at Wild Out Wednesday’s at 106th & Park?

JAKEpesquira: It all began at Invasion Dance Competition, where we met our friends from Rhythm City (who have been on Wild Out Wednesday before). We kept in touch with them and we both decided to do a meet and greet as we both saw that we could definitely learn from each other. In our meet and greet, Rhythm City was very impressed with our different dance styles from the other teams at Invasion that they promoted us to a producer at BET for Wild Out Wednesday. The producer along with other BET workers were involved in a project called BLAZE THE STAGE which is a HUGE dance and R&B performance competition held about twice a year. Big upcoming R&B and Hip Hop stars are there to perform and battle to win first place along with the leading Dance Crews all around the United States. The event is always SOLD OUT and many celebrities are there to watch and check out the new talents from the BET world.

The producer had contacted us and asked us to perform at BLAZE THE STAGE this past December 29th. We had little time to prepare, but it was such a huge event that we decided to just go and do it. It was a very new environment for us – new teams, new styles, new crowd, new everything – definitely outside our usual comfort zone. But we were determined to push ourselves to new things and do what not many asian/pacific islander – based teams have done in the past.

There were a total of 8 dance crews that competed at BLAZE THE STAGE. One requirement to be ONE OF THE EIGHT competitors was that your team HAD TO HAVE BEEN ON WILD OUT WEDNESDAY in the past year. Knowing that we had never been on the show, the producer clearly notified us that we would be one of the exceptions. And because we were never on the show, we were going to be ON the SHOW in the up coming year of W.O.W. Our performance was introduced at Blaze the stage as a ‘preview’ to our debut on Wild Out Wednesday in the new season.

pDstyle: So did you guys get sent a premade master mix like ABDC style?

JAKEpesquira: it’s all been a trip that when we think of it – really comes down to a few main ideas –> blessings, true values and geniality, and the will to spread positive influences to our community

for this set of W.O.W. , we had to make our own mix

We had to choose at most 4 songs within a 1 minute and 20 second time limit that dated BEFORE 1997

we also had to choose music that BET had music videos that they were allowed to show, as you can see that in the background of the dances there are videos playing in sync with the mix

pDstyle: That must make it really limiting, what songs did you end up choosing?

JAKEpesquira: we chose MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This”, Salt-N-Pepa “Push it”, and Michael and Janet Jackson “Scream.” Mix was done by DJ Romulus

pDstyle: Haha, throwback central! How did the crowd respond to it, both music and your set?

JAKEpesquira: We spoke with a good number after the show. They seemed to enjoy the mix. We had our shares of “oo’s” and “ahh’s” in the audience. It was fun to hear the reactions from crowds that we never used to perform in front of (our friends and families), or simply – people who didn’t know who DynamiQ was at all.

pDstyle: Really? What did the crowd really respond well to?

JAKEpesquira: they loved our little theatrics with MC Hammer and his fun “traveling” move across the stage. They also liked that transition into another one of our members do a simple cartwheel into a drop into the floor while everyone does MC Hammer. From what they told us, they loved the movement, the transitions, the energy, and the facials that observed.

More towards the end in the battle scene, the crowd loved our little parody of the other team.

In their battle piece, they got in a human formation of a bikes,so we played around with their bike idea with our silly faces for the crowd. It was something that you had to see on the show!

pDstyle: So were these battles rehearsed like on ABDC? Or were they truly impromptu and freestyled?

JAKEpesquira: the battles were rehearsed and planned out, but since it was our first time, we wanted to add a little touch of impromptu. So we left some time for us to be able to do our own little “disses” to the opposing team. Basically, we were told to make them look stupid. Not something we like to do to teams that we had a lot of respect for, but it was for the show and there were no hard feelings. The parody bit we did was done impromptu though. In between breaks we would come up with some ideas and just do it.

BET battling is very different from ABDC. You are up on their faces with grills and looks that you don’t really see unless you’re right in front of the opposing team

It’s basically like “you got served” – very intimidating. But we still had a lot of fun. At the end we gave each other thumbs up to our opponents for putting on a good battle

pDstyle: So it seems like all the teams have mad love for each other since the meet up. Do you think it still holds true even after the airing of this past episode?

JAKEpesquira: it’s not all that nice and pretty as you may think. There was slight awkwardness in the beginning up to the end because in essence, we were all competing against each other.

There were some thoughts and attitudes here and there because of the voting numbers, but amongst all that drama caused by the media, we all did our best to give our share of smiles and take pictures with each of the teams no matter what. I do hope that after this show, we do remain in contact and still share the same respect as we’ve given to each other.

pDstyle: It seems like dancing for the “media” is really different than dancing LIVE for our fans and our community. What’s so different about dancing for TV?

JAKEpesquira: Television is somewhat different from Dancing Live for our fans and our community because for one – you’re not just catering to your fans and community anymore – you’re dancing to win the vote of America, or the East (W.O.W. is live in the EAST and a taping for the West). In TV, there’s also the mood that the producers set for the show. In our case, they wanted it to be REALLY COMPETITION. So we’re talking – be cocky and “we’re the best” and “we’re going to win definitely” or even our line “we’re only 2nd place FOR NOW” — because that drama makes for a good show and that’s what they intend on making. Even though we tried to stay true to ourselves and who we are, it was hard to get away from the setting that they had layed down. So i was even surprised that we said things we normally wouldn’t say in our “humble beginnings”

pDstyle: Haha, I think everyone’s guilty of messing up their first impressions! So what’s next for DynamiQ Faction now that you guys got your first impression of TV done?

JAKEpesquira: Up next is Main Event and Prelude EC! We can’t wait to get back and share the stage with our friends again from our dance community. We’re also very much looking forward to a PROJECT DYNAMIQ MEET&GREET! And as far as TV goes, who knows? We’ll continue to think and share good thoughts in and out of our team as we have and go places that we haven’t been before. It is all about the experience. I’m sure that we as directors and coordinators of dance teams all aim to give our members the opportunities and resources that we have had or never even had in our experiences and give them the best dance team experience they could never forget. With that and DynamiQ’s mission, I speak truth when I say that being one of the first fully asian/filipino teams on WOW is definitely a foot in the door for our dance community – and we’d love to share that resource with those who respectfully deserve it. In short, the future? – seeing you guys on shows and ripping the stage to represent our community!

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