SiC Mid Season Auditions

ITS JANUARY, and mid-season auditions are out! Recently, FR3SH held their mid-season auditions for the whole FR3SH Umbrella. Now, SERCis Company a.k.a SiC has their auditions coming up soon.

This up and coming dance company has been making news since its conception. This year, they’ll be well fitted for the next line of competitions in NJ with their new line up in the works.

SERCisCompany, better known as SiC, is a dance company with numerous performances and competitions under its belt. Under the direction of Tim Rhee[SiC,STFUcrew], the co-artistic directions of Mark Choi[SiC,STFUcrew], and Andy Kim[SiC,STFUcrew] SiC is an upcoming company that has been quickly grasping the attentions of those in the surrounding dance community. Although SiC has numerous purposes and goals, one of our main objectives is to represent Jersey to the rest of the world, and also to unite the tri-state area dance scene and create a movement.

On January 24th, we are looking to expand our company by finding those who share our passion and drive. Below is a couple of our previous sets- check ’em out, and if you like what you see, come roll with us 🙂

Join the SERCisCompany group too!

Want to find a hobby or even develop a new passion? Want to get more involved in the dance revolution that is currently sweeping our nation? This is your biannual opportunity to see if you’re cut out to be a member of SiC! Supporters, friends, family are ALL welcome.

Come out and have fun even if you’re not planning to try out~ I guarantee you’ll enjoy our Company. HAHA get it? (:

WHEN: January 24th, 2008
WHERE: Loree Studios (Douglas Campus), Rutgers New Brunswick
– 70 Lipman Drive, New Brunswick, NJ 08901 –
DAMAGE: 5$ to register, 3$ to watch!

4-5PM: Teach
5-6PM: Practice
6-7PM: Audition
7-8PM: Cypher*
* This is an optional freestyle cypher session, but you can receive bonus points *

Hope to see everyone there! =D

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