Rhythm Spotlight 6

NO NO NO NO NO NO! Not Rhythmology workshops! IT’S RHYTHM SPOTLIGHT 6 DANCE WORKSHOPS! (Don’t get it twisted ya’ll!). EAST COAST meets WEST COAST this whole week up in Pennsylvania State University. For this whole week, from monday to friday, take class from some of the most innovative in hip hop. Classes include FR3SH Dance Company Alumni CARLO BADIOLA, Mikey P. of Groovemekanex from San Fransisco, CA and BBOY TOYZ of Beat Whakz and 4F.

Things are definitely starting to happen in the New England territorries. Massachusetts started the trend with ELEMENTS, and teams such as BU Fusion, Phunk Phenomenon, WRUSH, and Vibes, (and more I haven’t discovered yet!). If this keeps up Pennsylvania will be on the map as another neighborhood dance mecca on the east coast, in addition to MA, MD, NJ, NYC, D.C., and FL. Shouts out to Raw Aesthetic Movement Squad and their man of the hour, Brian Henninger. The dance movement in Pennsylvania wouldn’t be moving forward without their kind of initiative! It just goes to show (to all you dedicated and hungry dancers out there), that if you BUILD IT…they will come. HA! Some movie buff knowledge drops on ya!


When? SAT. JAN. 17th 2009
Where? 132 White Building @ Penn State University
Time: 1-4 p.m.

1-2 PM
CARLO BADIOLA (Hip Hop Choreography)
-Fre3sh Dance Company Choreographer from NJ

2-3 PM
MIKEY P. (Locking)
Groovemekanex Crew-San Fran California

3-4 PM
BBOY TOYZ (Breakdancing intermediate footwork class)
-Beat Whakz, 4F, Lionz of Zion Crew, MD

$15 per class
$40 for all 3!

Must purchase tickets in advance!
For more information or ticket sales contact Casie at 215-527-1399 or email: rhythmspotlight@gmail.com

Tickets can be purchased at these times @ PSU:
MONDAY 1/12/09
132 white building 7:30-9 pm

TUESDAY 1/13/09
132 White Building 7:30-9:30 pm

132 White Building 8:30-9:30 pm

FRIDAY 1/16/09
132 White Building 5:30-7pm


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