2008 marked a pretty pivotal year for the EC dance scene in the tri-state area. Local dancers that coined the BOOGIEBOTS made it to ABDC, Season 2. The birth of PRELUDE EC thanks to Tony Calub, TM, and FR3SH marked a monumental milestone bringing the east coast its biggest dance competition to rival that of Culture Shock’s D.C.’s East Coast Dance Competition and to spur the largest upbringing of dance talent. Styles to Finesse United Crew debuted and showcased their non-conformist style to prelude that of their competition team, SERCis Co. a.k.a. SiC. Other new teams such as DynamiQ Faction, E.P.I.C Motion, SOUL’D, and H!tz started coming out into the limelight. Phunk Phenomenon blew the masses away taking first place at PRELUDE EC 2008. FR3SH Dance Co. becomes the first NJ team to perform at FUNKANOMETRY SF’s first ever annual SOCKHOP showcase in San Fransisco, California.

During the summer, ABDC’s season one winners, the Jabbawockeez, held a showcase at Saint Peter’s College that brought together our most local dance teams for all of the tri-state area to see. Steven Armendi and Jeff Laconico of Project D Dance Company became the first of our local dancers to teach a BOOGIEZONE Class out in CALIFORNIA! The birth of SYNERGY and the expansion of BOOGIEZONE NJ further propelled our scene towards uniting our community and attracting west coast dancers such as  Serena Yang of 909/BREED/SHEroes/GRV; Kaba Modern’s ABDC team; Ellen Kim, Mariel Martin, Rocko Luciano, Kyle Hanagami, and Julio Morales of FUNKANOMETRY SF; Jun Quemado, Jed Florano, Rambo Ramos and Toybox of Team Millennia; Jay De Jesus and Ellis Barba of MECCAMEE LV; and Gigi Torres, April Rodriguez, and Candace Brown of ESSENCE; and more West Coast Dancers are slated to come to our coast as well!

In addition,  Rhythmology starts their season off right by taking first place at NJIT’s REIGN or SHINE to kick off the fall 2008-spring 2009 season, while Project D Dance Company wins their first ever first place trophy at the FIRST EVER Pride Dance Competition. In fact, both teams have even made it to the WEST COAST, each performing for the SoCal and NorCal editions, respectively, for TM’s Prelude Series. So with SUCH a rise in our growing dance community, what is there to look forward in the year of 2009? There is a couple, PRELUDE EC 2009 for one, but this FEBRUARY, be on the lookout for FR3SH Dance Company’s first ever annual dance competition, the MAIN EVENT.


30 North Van Brunt Street
Englewood, NJ

Doors Open @ 5PM
Pre Show Starts @ 5:30PM
Show Starts @ 6PM

Sponsored and Supported by:
AIM Dance Academy (
Red Bull (
Dance Tag (
The Hip Hop Dance Association (

The Main Event is the first of its kind: an annual hip-hop dance competition held on the east coast, featuring talent from the east coast, hosted by the east coast’s very own FR3SH Dance Company. To be held on Saturday, February 28, 2008 at the Bergen Performing Arts Center ( in Englewood, NJ, the full concert-format competition will feature everything from raw to professional talent from east to west coast dancers. With the support and official score sheets from the Hip Hop Dance Association, The Main Event is a trusted hip-hop dance competition. Bringing together over 100+ sponsors/advertisers, 500+ dancers, 1000+ attendees – no one will want to miss The Main Event.


FR3SH Freestyle Crew


Capital Funk (DC)
DynamiQ Faction (NY)
E.P.I.C. Motion (NY)
FLO Dance Team (NY)
Fusion (MA)
Hip Hop Theory: Elite (NY)
Major Definition (MD)
Phunk Phenomenon (MA)
RAPS Dance Troupe (NJ)
Rhythm City (NY)
Rhythmology (NJ)
SERCisCompany (NJ)
Vibes (MA)

Project Em
Funkanometry SF
The Lost Kids
FR3SH Dance Company
FR3SH Juniors
America’s Best Dance Crew’s THE BOOGIEBOTS!!!

For more info:


4 Responses to “the MAIN EVENT”
  1. harry potter says:

    hey why isnt project d here?

  2. harry potter says:

    why isnt project d competing?

  3. I leave comments to these things everytime…lol
    i just have no life..=]

    but im happy im seeing alot of MA crews more then before.
    but who am i to talk all these crews on the list were sickning.

    And on my behalf i know wrush is going to be excited for this show.

    but wasent this suppose to happen in april??

  4. pdstyle says:

    you must be talking about PRELUDE EC. THAT EVENT is happening in APRIL. MAIN EVENT hosted by FR3SH Dance company is slated to happen this FEBRUARY.

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