So, at the start of this post, it will have been OCTOBER, 25th, 2008…thus marking the date for the 23rd ANNUAL FRIENDSHIP GAMES at CAL STATE FULLERTON. Although this has nothing to do with the east coast dance scene entirely, it does have something to do with some of the very fortunate people of our east coast dance scene that have ventured for new life in the west. And if you know these people, then you probably will consider yourself lucky to have known such awesome people.

I write this in response to this year–of all the years I’ve attended since 2005–being the FIRST TIME that I have stayed behind in SLO and not attend FRIENDSHIP GAMES. Ironically, of all the years I go, my cultural club, P.C.E. S.L.O., has devised the ultimate win strategy for obtaining the prestigious eight-foot high SPUF (Spirit, Pride, Unity, and FRIENDSHIP) trophy this year. On top of that, IRONICALLY, the year that I don’t show up is the year that all my (and your) NJ friends (and NJ friends of NJ friends) that have Californiacated are going to be there: chanting for SPUF and dancing their first FGAMES performance as part of a California team.

To whom of our east coast dance scene–specifically the NJ scene–that have have Californiacated, this post goes out to you.

KRISTINA LATONIO! We’ve all known her as the awesomest FR3SH alumni that ventured west alongside of TJ. Well look at her now! This San Deezy Beezy a.k.a. San Diego Citizen is now proudly representin’ 220 (a.k.a Second to NONE)! Congrats to her for making to the team, and MAJOR props on winning MAJOR STREET DIVISION 1st place and MAJOR OVERALL DIVISION 2nd place at Jayvee Dance Center’s MAXT OUT 2008. We’re all proud of you KRISTINA — NJ ALL DAY!

DALLAS AUGUSTINE! This Funky FR3SH Alum is now reppin’ her new stride with Cal State Fullerton’s TEAM MILLENNIA as part of the new 2008-2009 competition team along with famous dance community names such as Austin Fernandez, David Yi, and Jonathan “Toybox” Bronner. If you guys didn’t know, TM is known for throwing the Prelude Dance Competition Series, have been featured on ABDC, and have won 1st place at VIBE this past year. This year will be Dallas’ FIRST TM performance at this year’s FRIENDSHIP GAMES! Make us proud, gorrl!

KARLO SORIA (pictured at far right)! This La Puente native, came to Jersey looking for dance (in addition to nursing) and found FR3SH. Surprisingly, his training has led him back to his homeland in California. Karlo Soria now dances with Cal Sate Long Beach’s (a.k.a. CSULB) very own PAC MODERN. Today at 12NOON (during half-time) Karlo Soria will be performing his first ever performance with PAC MODERN at his first EVER FRIENDSHIP GAMES. Have fun chanting “HELL NO FRIENDSHIP” and enjoying PAC tradition in good camaradie.

TJ dela Cruz?! He might be there today at FGAMES. From what I’ve been informed — correct me if im wrong– but he’s now happily dancing with LA’s RAGE. But for certain, the east coast misses you too!

And as for me, as I end this lengthy reflection on danceLIFE, I’ll be enjoying the rest of my last two years at Cal Poly SLO enjoying every moment I have ’til I start “real life” (beyond college). And taking workshops, and attending those prestigeous dance events everyone talks about! To everyone back home, you need to visit this wonderful state and experience this wonderful culture at LEAST ONCE. See if it doesn’t change your perception of living, and probably INSPIRE you to search for something better. In essence, I urge you, as dancer, to see yourself in a place where you CAN go…because when you visualize it, you’re one step closer to making it happen. It happened for Kristina Latonio, it happened for Dallas Augustine, it happened for Karlo Soria and TJ dela Cruz, it happened for Ed Escaro, as well as Steven Armendi and Jeff Laconico…it happened for FR3SH, and it’s about to happen for Project D. Reach as high as you can, because it’s all within reach.

SEE YOU my NJ ALL DAY peeps at the next upcoming dance events…starting with PRELUDE NORCAL!



*Credits and thanks go to Keith Ocampo for the pictures at MAXT OUT 2008.

*Myron Merced is the main editor and one of the founders of the PDstyle blogsite (the second founding belonging to Tai Nguyen). In addition to his work on the site, he is also the former artistic director and now media director of Project D Dance Company 2008-2009. Furthermore, he has co-founded Boogiezone NJ with Liz De Guzman thanks to the guidance of Elm Pizzaro, creator of Boogiezone, INC. Myron is currently a 4th year Architecture Major pursuing his B. Arch at Cal Poly State Univ. in San Luis Obispo, CA.

  1. sorry ha says:

    i love you, skyler! haha

  2. kristina says:

    i just read this!! hahaha

    ur guys are awesome!

    i ❤ project d!

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