AUGUST chock full o’ classes!

Feeling that post-SYNERGY high? Craving for more classes? Then August is your lucky month, you hungry dancers you…

flyers and more after the jump. so CLICK!



Rhythmology is offering classes every Tuesdays and Saturdays starting this SATURDAY, AUG 2nd. Start your Saturday off with Dennis Caindec of Culture Shock L.A.


Still got time to dance on Saturday? Then take Project_D’s company classes EVERY SATURDAY 12-2PM. THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 2nd, is our own very Myron Merced teaching beginner’s class from 12-1PM and Steven Armendi teaching advanced class from 1-2PM.

CLASS from JULY 19th

Myron Merced

Steven Armendi


Want more? Then SERCis Company a.k.a. SiC is offereing a special two-day workshop down in New Brunswick, NJ at Loree Studios with special guests, Jed Florano and Jun Quemado of TM!!! Say word.

“Quoted from the events page”

“Join us for this two-day, exclusive workshop with Jersey and California’s finest choreographers! Teaching in these two days are Jun Quemado (Chill Factor, TM), and Jed Florano (TM), Mark Choi (SiC, STFUcrew), Ed Escaro (STFUcrew), Will Barrientos (Rhythmology), and Mark ‘Poppin Fresh’ Serrano (Rhythmology)!! . Jun and Jed were also on the hit television series, America’s Best Dance Crew! Learn from the best of the west (and the east) and come out for this once-in-a-lifetime two-day event!!”

–SERCis Company, NJ

WHEN: August 2 & 3
WHERE: Loree Studios
DAMAGE: $4 to view
$7 a class for Mark Choi, Ed, Mark S, and Will
$15 a class for Jun and Jed
$5 for Q and A session with Jun and Jed
$25 for everything for the day
**special Q&A with Jun & Jed from 7:30 – 8:30!**


4-5 Mark S(Rhythmology)
5-6 Ed (STFUcrew)
6-7 Jun (Chill Factor, Team Millenia)
730-830 Q&A with Jun

4-5 Mark Choi (SiC, STFUcrew)
5-6 Will (Rhythmology)
6-7 Jed (Team Millenia)
730-830 Q&A with Jed


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