onelove for the community!

Dance Community LOVE!

Dance Community LOVE!

July 12, 2008. A day everyone in our dance community shall remember for years to come. It was an insane day for dance at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City; moreover, it was a monumental event for our tri-state area. The long awaited day for the Jabbawockeez showcase came. Honestly, it was probably like Santa Claus coming to town for all the dancers everywhere, except with stressful pre-week of hell day practices and more stress getting ready for this showcase.

THE Big kicker? The 360 degree stage everyone had to adjust to performing on for a crowd of 2000+ people in attendance! Definitely something new for everyone used to performing on that one sided 180 degree stage we’re all used to performing.

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Quickly, the event seemed promising, with a congregation of dance teams outside 10AM in the morning, some semi groggy from the jabba pre-party the night before with everyone else waiting to get inside and get their tech rehearsal done. It was slowly a culmination of our scene’s recognized and undiscovered talent finally united in one space. 11AMish passed right after, and tech rehearsals began, the attention span of each teams diverted toward each peforming act in anxious cheer to see new sets debuted and famous sets done with perfect execution.

It’s surprising to realize that it took a HUGE dance event hosting the Jabbawockeez to finally bring most of our teams together for the pure love of dance and just finally know the people behind the teams. The best part I personally thought was the most rewarding, you ask? No, it was not watching Project D, or the other teams perform and kill it with their hearts on the line. No, it was not my debut with the Part-Time Models. And definitely, no, it wasn’t time spent watching the Jabbawockeez nor getting to take a team picture with them post-show.

Then what was it all about? Most of the performing teams, by their own choice of will, bunched inside that stuffy mini studio in the basement of St. Peter’s College, and just connecting, socializing, making friends, creating new bonds, appreciating each other’s craft, and straight up just…KICKING it. No drama, no dirty looks, no beef…just every team in their honest element.

My highlights of the night? Catching Culture Shock D.C. busting out Baltimore Club / Vogue beats with accompany lyric and dance. Part-Time Models versus Part-Time Models battle. Inspirational speaches with Project D. ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPACHINOS! The random card magician guy who freaked out Carlo Badio-ka plus friends. Getting to know up and coming SiC/SERCis Company. A butt-load of dance teams lining up for a buffet of FOOD. Teaching the youngling females of Rhythmology how to hit inverts. Chat-chitting with some of the best talent on the east coast.

My final thoughts?
We need more of this…not the Jabbawockeez neccessarily…but it wouldn’t hurt to have another possible major dance community get together. One step at a time, lets get us unified…

Mad love once again to all the teams.

Myron Merced
Media Director of Project D
Part-Time Model since its birth!

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Footage and more to come!

One Response to “onelove for the community!”
  1. p-slice says:

    It was a pleasure to share the stage with all of yall!

    I agree we should all come together more, we’re always seeing the same faces every show. I think one big showcase would dope.

    I wish we coulda stayed longer and hung out but we drove right back to Maryland…without showering!

    Major Def has love for all of yall, and I’m excited to see the east coast dance scene blow up. I have a feeling this is the start of something big…

    -Paolo “P-Slice” Penala
    Director Major Definiton

    ps love the site, its dope

    pps those card tricks were crazy, i still can’t beleive em!

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