OK. SO what now?


All Returning Project D Members from last season please meet up at Step BY Step at 9AM!!!

ALL New incoming Project D Newbies please come to STEP by STEP at 10AM.


congratulations again to the New Project D 2008 team!

PICTURES, and Vids to COME! but for now, here’s a recap from our very own Maria Irene!


yea! sooo i felt that auditions were AHHMAAZING! everyone stepped up their game and grew so muchhhh! you could tell how dancing became so much a part of everyone and that everyone does LOVE what they do 🙂
… this group is TRULY one of a kind .. the thing i admire about this group is they are in it to help everyone grow… i like the aura[sp] i get from pD .. friendly and welcoming .. and no one in pD lets someone loook dumb .. winning is cool and losing feels yuckyyyy sometimes.. but pD recognizes something more than winning or losing .. they recognize hard work and growth … yeea, losing is wack.. we didn’t place at prelude but it was ootay with me (ILL SPEAK FOR MYSELF KOS IDK BOUT ERRY1 ELSE) but i felt good as hell on the stage knowing i worked my ass off to look awesome .. waHhwaHh . me getting all sappy… i love PROJECT D!!!!!! we’re growing into something so amazing.. WHAT GOES DOWN WILL RISE UP !!! ❤
and dont worry i will be goin to work in cali .. i cannot let myyyy gamme dowwn yeeee digg ;]

ouu, hopfully i make sense! aHAHah

—Maria Irene

8 Responses to “OK. SO what now?”
  1. Jon says:

    im guessing this means meeting up tomorrow? as in june 5th?

  2. Jon says:

    so does that mean meeting on 6/5/08?

  3. ed says:

    this MIGHT be a dumb question…but wat day is it that the meet-up at 10 am is?

  4. Jon says:

    thanks for the clarification xD and sorry for the repeated post, I thought it didnt go through the first time 😛


    YAAAAYY 😀 .
    congratulations everyone :].

    see everyone on saturday!

  6. princess says:

    how about the people that were in pD more than one season ago?

  7. reeenieee says:

    OMGG! MYRONNN! WHY!?!?! lol, i dont even make sense! LOL ..

  8. pdstyle says:

    9am for ppl who were in prelude ec season…10am for everyone else

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