THE new 2008-2009 pD ROSTER!

Congratulations to the new 2008-2009 TEAM! It was such an amazing day for dance in our community and we were very impressed with the level of skill that was put on the table. Unfortunately, we can not take all of you! But please, do not get discouraged as competition was very fierce this year! The hardwork of everyone was well recognized by our panel and made the decision process a long and difficult one. We hope you all enjoyed the audition experience and we encourage you ALL to continue your passion to dance.







Bernie Armendi- ED

Eric Dollentes

Judy Galang

Pauline Tarife

Steven Armendi – CD

Richard Blackwood

Marie Damaso

Nina Santocildes

Jeff Laconico – CD

Jeff Esquillo

Elizabeth Espinar

Lexine Deluca

Marwin Lustre

John Baluyut

Jen Coronado

Rachel Sadang

Romeo Estrada

Kevin Armada

Anne Marty

Ayano Tokunaga

JT Roberts

Travis Samson

Irene Carmona

Princess Silva

AJ Delgra

Miguel Patawaran

Alexandria Cruz

Raymond Chan

Edwin Cotto

Melissa Garing

Ian Urbina

Chris Desamparado

Regina Lustre

Brian Coronado

Jonkristoffer Bisda

Patricia Dayleg

Arber Matai

Dann Medina

Greatch Banaag

ED = Exec. Director
CD = Co-Director (Coordinating Director)

6 Responses to “THE new 2008-2009 pD ROSTER!”
  1. Pauline says:

    whens the next performance?!!! I WANT TO BE ON SCHOLARSHIP ALREADY 😡 lol.

  2. Izzy says:

    CONGRATS, GUYS! Great work @ tryouts! I wish I could dance as well as you all. lol ❤

  3. 911 (reginalustre) says:

    OMG I MADEE IT!! ^o^ im so happy!! HEY can we add my friend Dean Aguilar to make it a nice 40 people? LOL

  4. 911 (reginalustre) says:

    and can i hav a t-shirt like ya guys?

  5. Romeo says:

    we have alot of guys. lol. and we def. are not all gonna fit on those small stages anymore. congratz to all that made it

  6. ianurbina says:


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