SO Liz De Guzman Remembers…

NOT Really My post. Credit goes out to Liz De Guzman (HI BIG SIS!) for all this reflection. I thought this was a pretty sweet note and decided to post it up for all to show. Hopefully everyone who went to ECDC is still on that  “dance high.” Congrats again to FR3SH for placing first at ECDC!


So I Remember….
LIZ and DENNIS and ARNELbeing 18 and watching my first dance video. It was Kaba Modern’s Vibe 10 set. Last night, I met Kaba Modern and in DC, I met Arnel Calvario and told him I loved his CSLA media kit that I worshiped for the last 3 years..

A year and 1/2 since watching my 1st dance video, I joined the FR3SH Family and have been blessed w/the best memories/experiences:

MAY 2008 – Chilling w/Kaba Modern @ THE MANSION

MAY 2008 – Getting advice from Arnel Calvario (Kaba Modern, Founder) and Formality’s Director – Erik Sarapdon @ ECDC

MAY 2008 – Winning 1st Place at Culture Shock DC’s 2008 ECDC

APRIL 2008 – Prelude EC: Dance Competition w/22 AMAZING TEAMS (Rhythmology – NJ, Capital Funk – MD/DC, Project D – NJ, ReDefinition – IL, Major Definition – MD, Hip Hop Theory – NY, Kinematix Dance Troupe – MA, Team Technique – NJ, Fusion Dance Company – MA, D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival) – VA, PARE Dance Team – NY, Phunk Phenomenon – MA, Static Noyze – MA, Vibes – MA, FR3SH Dance Company- NJ, FR3SH JUNIORS – NJ, TEAM MILLENNIA – CA, Funkanometry SF – CA, BoogieBots Crew – NJ/MD/DC, S.T.F.U., RAPS Dance Troupe, Random Suburban Kids From Jersey That Sorta Dance – NJ)

APRIL 2008 – Prelude EC: Dance Competition SPONSORS (Red Bull, Boogiezone, Peridance, Hot Stepz Magazine, Luam by Wildchild Nation, University Centre) + one KICK ASS AD JOURNAL

APRIL 2008 – Watching the Funks SF set sitting next to Ivan Koumaev on my left and Boogiezone Founder, Elm Pizarro on my right

APRIL 2008 – Prelude EC: Workshops @ The Hilton – Jeff, Rocko, Kyle, Jed

APRIL 2008 – Networking w/Hip Hop International, Boogiezone + MTV

APRIL 2008 – Miguel Zarate FR3SH Company Class

APRIL 2008 – FR3SH Dance Troupe, LLC is established and we become an official company

MARCH 2008 – 1st FR3SH Agency Signed Dancer – David Arroyo (BLOC)

DECEMBER 2007 – 1st FR3SH FAMILY Christmas

NOVEMBER 2007 – Chillin w/Ryan Feng + Philippine AllStars

NOVEMBER 2007 – Big win for the whole family. Reign or Shine w/FR3SH Family – 1st Place

SEPTEMBER 2007 – FR3SH 1st Annual Semi-Formal @ The Holiday Inn


AUGUST 2007 – FR3SH Juniors + FR3SH FAMILY established

AUGUST 2007 – 1st booth @ Meadowlands Expo

JULY 2007 – 1st FR3SH Summer Intensive w/Luam. Dennis Caindec. Joseph Nontanovan

JULY 2007 – 1st International Performance – Culture Shock Canada Showcase

APRIL 2007 – Defining Rhythm Showcase w/Pac Modern

APRIL 2007 – FR3SH 2nd CARNIVAL: Choreographer’s Ball performance

All of this in the last year….

other notable FR3SH Guests…
Ellie Burke-Jef Mendoza-Ryan Feng-Philippine All Stars-Jun Quemado-Gigi Torres-Kyle Hanagami-Rocko Luciano-Jeff Viray-Jed Florano-Dennis Caindec-Joseph Nontanovan-Luam Keflezgy-Hanna Herbertson-Emron-Cheryl Koo-Miguel Zarate-Melissa Reyes

I kno for a fact i’m forgetting something/someone – (FR3SH feel free to remind me) but nonetheless..

What makes these experiences worthwhile is sharing these memories with the most amazing FR3SH FAMILY! You are the SOURCE of my INSPIRATION on a daily basis.

With everything I do, with every decision I make – I do for my FR3SH Famiy, for the east coast dance community, for the good of the universal dance community.

I live each experience looking to learn and to inspire. If I can even slightly touch the life of one person as each experience/guest teacher has inspired me, I would be grateful.

NEXT: Performing at Funks SF’s Showcase in June

The Line up:
Funkanometry SF

Funkanometry San Diego

Project EM
Kaba Modern (Irvine)
Team Millennia (Fullerton)
Boogie Monstarz (Sacramento)
Loose Change (San Francisco)
Choreo Cookies (San Diego)
DS Players (Bay Area)
The Company (Daly City)
FR3SH Dance Company (New Jersey)

Big Things Poppin for FR3SH + the East Coast… Stay Tuned! =)

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  1. If only more than 83 people would read about this!

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