1st FR3SH Dance Co. (NJ)

2nd Rhythm City (NY)
3rd Dynamic (MD)


SO HOW WAS ECDC? I don’t know. But KARLO SORIA DOES! Here’s a few about his experience at this year’s ECDC.

KARLO!I was very excited yet nervous about going to ECDC. Our first trip to ECDC two years ago, we won 3rd place with the Bad Set. Last year we won 2nd place with the Office Set. So this year we were hoping for 1st p lace with the IPod Set. I was more comfortable with our set this year because we debuted it at Boston in March then had time to clean the set and tweak it a bit it for Prelude in April then tweaked it again for ECDC. The atmosphere was filled with encouraging excitement. All the groups supported one another and watched in awe during tech. It felt like no one was competing and that we were all there to showcase our talent for the love of dance

I mad happy because I got to meet people from different teams and I also got to reunite with some old friends from CSDC, Major Definition, and Culture Shock Canada. It was also exciting to see FORMality and CSSD perform! Some of the dancers watched the live feed from backstage and crowded around a small television. We all cheered for one another before and after each performance, whether it be a showcasing or competing team. I was pretty stoked because the judges were Angie Bunch, Dennis Caindec, Arnel Calvario, Viola Elkins, Luam Keflezgy, Erik Saradpon, and Jasmin Weder. Judges are always looking for cleanliness, execution, energy, technique, and transitions.

This years ECDC was very emotional because it marks the end of the season for FR3SH. Some of the members are quitting and doing other things, a few just graduated from college so it was an emotional weekend. Check out the youtube video:

When they announced the winners, some of us were still in the backstage not knowing what was happening or going on. I’m not gonna lie, I cried when they announced that we won. All that hard work, late night practices, and bruises from the knee drops during the locking piece  was worth it. We felt unified as a family hugging one another and crying. The night ended with going to the free after party at some art gallery with an open cypher and then more celebration at our hotel.

The next day our team building event was eating lunch at PF Changs in Baltimore and walking around and taking numerous pictures. This weekend was pretty amazing and I’m excited for what’s in store for FR3SH this summer: summer intensive, Funks SF showcase, Culture Shock Canada showcase, auditions, and classes (beginner/advanced) every Sunday! Keep checking the website:


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