FLO Dance TEAM AUDITIONS are happening soon! And if you’re in the NYC area and are planing to join a team, this probably would be your best choice!


Since its beginnings in June 2005, Flo Dance Team is a New York/ New Jersey based group that aspires to instill within its group members, dance community, and all of its audiences the meaning of leadership, teamwork, ‘Synergy’ (the combining of unique energies to create a powerful force), friendship, family values, and a positive attitude through the amazing and most enjoying art of Hip Hop and Modern Dance. FLO is about letting the feeling of God’s gifts and blessings ‘flo’ through your body and just make you move like no one’s watching. FLO is about bringing together talents and different styles of dance to learn and cherish the art in many ways. Finally, FLO is about “Ohana” and ohana means “Family,” and family is everybody whom we live life with. These are the people who we don’t leave behind or ever forget – team member, fellow dancer, or spectator, we all make it FLO. We as ambitious dreamers always strive for excellence within ourselves, committing to never accept ordinary.

We seek to enlighten, inspire, and empower audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

[mission statement]
Through practices and performances we are able to instill leadership, build confidence, and express and embrace individuality through dancing. We distinguish ourselves from the ordinary through our wide-range of abilities and awesome talents in dance. Creativity is key to our performances as we look to not only incorporate “mainstream” songs and hip-hop dancing but also to include various styles of dance. Flo Dance Team started as a small group of friends who came together to share a common interest in dancing. Dancing is our passion, our stress reliever, and our way of expressing ourselves. It is this passion that drives us to reach for bigger and better things. Combining all forms of dance from ballroom to Latin, hip-hop to jazz we strive to establish ourselves outside mainstream dance groups – as a group with a unique identity and style of expression.

youtube vid of their past audition!




BUT If you aren’t planning to audition on MAY 31, COME OUT to project D OPEN WORKSHOPS with Hanna Herbertson (Dancehall Fusion Extraoradinaire) and Dennis Caindec (Culture Shock LA’s finest). Great alternative if you want to dance and the NYC isn’t so accessible! (WORKSHOP FLYER is posted under SERCis Co. Auditions Post…so scroll down!)



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