SERCis Company!

DANG mayne. Seems like all the teams are having their auditions this summer! Well if you couldn’t help choose one to audition for….here’s another one up your alley!
Also Known As “SiC”Dance to express, not to impress.

“I step into the elevator and press the 2nd floor button. As it lifts me higher and higher, I can hear the music growing louder and I start to embed the beat and melody into my mind. The doors open and I step into a fresh, vibrant world. Laughter, music, and movement surround me. In one corner someone is free-styling and there are several spectators. In another corner there are people fooling around and changing up the music. This is one of the most valued aspects of my life. This is the life of a dancer. This is the life of a SERCisCompany member …

The comfort that we find in communicating our style and what we represent becomes a message to the outside world; our purpose is to solely be there and show the uninformed people of the changes and revolution in dance society …

SERCisCompany is one of hierarchy and respect. We first started out as a group of friends striving to become better dancers and have fun while performing. However, in realizing that structure is needed for growth, we established governance …

Using our way of dress, bold lifestyles, and fresh dancing capabilities, we communicate our stance in society and how dancers and audiences everywhere are affected …

Our message is simply this: you cannot silence the music of our passion.”
A Competitive Culture

SERCis Company Facebook Group
videos in there too!

SERCis Co. Auditions FACE BOOK Event
SERCis Co.
Time and Place
Saturday, June 14, 2008
4:00pm – 7:00pm
SERC Busch Campus
Piscataway, NJ
Contact Info
Want to find a hobby or even develop a new passion? Want to get more involved in the dance revolution that is currently sweeping our nation? This is your biannual opportunity to see if you’re cut out to be a member of SiC! Supporters, friends, family are ALL welcome.

Audition Dates (subject to change) :
– June 14, 2008

– 4:00pm – TBD

2nd floor of SERC on Busch Campus, Rutgers New Brunswick

* The artistic director will most likely be teaching you a 32 count within 1 hour. There is a optional freestyle cipher session in which you will recieve bonus points *

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